Saturday, January 15, 2011


Since the last post, I have seen:

Raging Bull
About de souffle
Sherlock, Jr (Buster Keaton!!!!)
Les Enfants du Paradis <333333333333

oh, and i've rewatched:
La Regle du Jeu
Blade Runner

- both of which i absolutely hated the first time i saw them. This time around I appreciated / enjoyed them a lot more. This is my 3rd time watching Blade Runner, and I think I definitely needed to see the full director's cut (first time viewing it, I think) to really start to fill in the blanks for that film, which has always been kind of a perplexing bit of dullness to me. This time it really radiated all the qualities of beauty and sadness and noir that i'd missed before.

off to watch:
Jules et Jim
Wild Strawberries.


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